Disc Golf Baskets

Check out a wide variety of the industry's best disc golf baskets from Dynamic Discs! We carry a full line of frisbee golf baskets to meet the needs of players of all skill levels. Whether you are looking for something portable to take on the go, a PDGA approved basket for tournament play, or just a disc golf target to practice with in the back yard with – we've got you covered!

DGA M-14 - $149.99  

DGA M-14 Disc Golf Basket

The M-14 Portable Practice Disc Golf Basket weighs only 25 pounds, snaps together easily, and no bolts are necessary. This basket is easy to put together and just as easy to take apart. It features a solid steel frame, heavy duty catching chains, and DGA's patented sliding links.

The M-14 portable disc golf basket comes with instructions on how to pay disc golf, as well as instructions on how to play both the Around Nine and Target games.

The M-14 was the first portable basket to fill a void for inexpensive practice Disc Pole Holes. This portable disc golf basket allows the novice, advanced, and pro players to practice and play disc golf wherever and whenever they want.


  • PDGA Approved
  • Zinc plating
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Snaps together
  • Portable basket
  • 14 heavy duty catching chains
  • Patented sliding links
  • Trapper basket

DGA MACH LITE - $149.99  

DGA Mach Lite Disc Golf Basket

The Mach Lite portable disc golf basket is compact, light weight, and made with the highest quality materials available. It comes standard with a stylish carrying bag with shoulder strap for storing and transporting. The DGA Mach Lite is a full size collapsible disc golf target that has a folding upper chain assembly, folding basket, and folding support base.

The Mach Lite portable disc golf basket has patented sliding link technology and a 16 chain configuration that resembles the same catching area as a permanent style disc golf basket. The outer chains utilize DGA's patented sliding link technology to help catch discs from all angles. The inner chains attach below the basket support ribs to make the disc rebound into the basket and locking the chain from riding up the pole.

The Mach Lite leads the portable disc golf basket market in durability, portability, and catchability. This basket is the perfect practice basket and is PDGA approved for certain sanctioned events. The Mach Lite portable disc golf basket comes with instructions on how to pay disc golf, as well as instructions on how to play both the Around Nine and Target games. It is available in both Red and Blue.


  • PDGA Approved
  • Portable disc golf target with folding top, basket, and base
  • Sturdy steel frame supports 16 heavy duty catching chains
  • Patented sliding link and reflex chain technology
  • Durable carrying bag with shoulder strap for easy storage and transportation


Innova Discatcher Pro Disc Golf Basket

Designed to lower your scores, the DISCatcher® Pro is equipped with 28 chains. The DISCatcher's design has 14 outer chains, 7 intermediate, and 7 inner chains. This chain grid catches fast and slow putts, heavy and light discs like no other target.

The DISCatcher® Pro is available in both permanent and portable configurations. The portable version implements a galvanized metal base with quick release screws, allowing you to disassemble and transport the target with ease. The portable is perfect for use at home, as a demonstration basket, or to add a hole to a course for tournament play.

The permanent model utilizes a lockable installation sleeve to allow for relocation to different hole positions and to deter theft. A locking tab is included that will allow you to protect your investment in the finest disc golf target available.


  • New for 2012, our 14 spoke basket design with additional ring support adds strength and reduces possibility of discs squeezing through basket.
  • All-season weather tested long lasting outdoor materials - Galvanized steel, galvanized chains, powder coated stainless steel, and stainless steel hardware
  • 28 chains configured in three tiers for superior catching action
  • Bright yellow 4" tall chain rack improves visibility in all conditions and knocks down high putts.
  • Deep basket with in line nubs (wire bends) to minimize adverse action for low putts.
  • 3 color graphics and included vinyl hole numbers. 3" letters are easy to read at distance.
  • Available as a permanent or portable version.


Innova Discatcher Sport Disc Golf Basket

The Discatcher Sport is a great practice basket, and it can also serve as a target for temporary courses, camps, schools and home. With just 6 parts, it assembles with the help of a screwdriver in about 5 minutes. The Discatcher Sport is PDGA approved for tournament play, and is fun for all ages! At 40 pounds, the Discatcher Sport is easily portable, and can be moved from location to location with a minimum of effort. Set it up at home for putting practice or a game of PUTT with a friend. Bring it to picnics and camping trips to play disc golf just about anywhere! It will really improve your short game. The Discatcher Sport uses 18 strands of heavy galvanized chain along the outside of the chain rack, which makes it one of the best catching practice baskets available. It is not meant for permanent outdoor installation.


  • Chain Support & Chains - Durable yellow powder coated finish with pre-attached chainset
  • Basket - Electroplate galvanized finish
  • 2 Poles - Two sections with an electroplate galvanized finish
  • Base - Our simple electroplate galvanized, four spoke system is wide enough and strong enough to stabilize the target, yet is still lightweight.


Innova Discatcher Traveler Disc Golf Basket

The Discatcher Traveler Disc Golf Target is ready to accompany you on all your Disc Golf expeditions. The Discatcher Traveler is Innova's lightest weight portable disc golf target at just 15 pounds! It is always ready to go, yet it is great for backyard putting practice as well.


  • Simple one-action set up
  • At just 15 pounds, the Discatcher Travler is the lightest portable target available from Innova
  • Pentagonal shape provides a more natural looking and catching basket from all angles
  • The chain assembly features 12 real chains to better simulate a permanent Discatcher target
  • The extra wide basket tray is made of a lightweight yet durable, quick-drying mesh fabric
  • Five legs provide a wide sturdy base. Attached anchor rings and included anchor stakes serve to secure target on uneven surfaces and on windy days
  • Available in three eye-catching colors: Yellow, Red, Blue
  • Comes with matching tote bag for easy transportation and storage
  • Includes removable flag for easy visibility and wind direction indication


Innova Skillshot Disc Golf Basket

The SkillShot is built for action! Weighing in at a very portable 26 pounds, and folding to the size of a golf umbrella, the SkillShot is the most portable basket in disc golf. With a sturdy tripod base, the SkillShot can be mounted on hillsides or on the flat, allowing more flexibility than flat based targets. The SkillShot is approved by the PDGA for tournament play. It's perfect for physical education programs and gym classes, for all age groups!


  • Umbrella Action - Pops up in an instant and collapses quickly too
  • 16 Chains - 16 real zinc-plated chains grab and hold discs
  • Tripod Base - Powder coated tripod base allows for basket to be mounted on uneven ground. Stake rings at end of each foot for added stability when needed
  • Colorful Skins - 600 denier polyester skins, the SkillShot is made to take abuse from the elements. Available in Red, Blue, Forest Green and Black.
  • Convenience Carry Case - Carry several Skillshots to the course by yourself. Great for storing the Skillshot in your car.