What is DyeMax?

DyeMax is a proprietary process that Dynamic Discs uses now to provide the most detailed image that can be put on a disc.

Is it Dye?

No, we liked the name DyeMax and thought that it was suiting. The process actually uses some of the best and most expensive solutions on the market that provide vibrant colors and detail that cannot be matched by traditional custom dyes.


DyeMax provides an impressive image on the disc that will not bleed or migrate in to the plastic. The way that the disc looks on day one will be the same that it looks one year later!

If thrown, the disc may show signs of wear.

Original custom dyes bleed or migrate in to the plastic over time.

Not only does DyeMax last much longer than other dye process, the turnaround time is much faster.

What Plastics?

  • Dynamic Discs Fuzion
  • Latitude 64 Gold
  • Westside Discs Tournament

Other Plastics

DyeMax is only available on Dynamic Discs Fuzion, Latitude 64 Gold, and Westside Discs Tournament. We are not offering it on any other plastics at this time.


Can I send in my own art, image, graphic, or picture?

Yes, we encourage you to send in your own artwork. You send it in and we will convert your image on to a disc and have it out the door in less than 48 hours (from final payment) in most instances. We recommend the image be at least 500x500 pixels in size to ensure a sharp finished product. We can do the design on as few as one disc or on as many as you would like. There may be a delay if we need to order certain discs that we don't currently have in stock.


DyeMax discs can be bought in bulk with different designs/patterns but they must be the same disc mold to receive the bulk pricing listed below. If you need more, please contact us by phone or send us an email.

  • 1: $30/each
  • 2: $27/each
  • 3-5: $25/each
  • 6-10: $23/each
  • 11-15: $20/each
  • 16-24: $17/each
  • 25-35: $14/each
  • 36 or more: $13/each

*Note - These prices do not include shipping or additional art fees.

How to Order

We now have a listing in our online store where you can choose your disc and upload your photo straight to our DyeMax department.

Click here to go there now!

We recommend the image you upload be at least 500x500 pixels in size to ensure a sharp finished product.

Wholesale Pricing

Tournament directors, clubs, and other disc golf promoters who want to utilize this new process to make a custom disc for their event or company can now do so! Download the order form below to get started now.



Dynamic Discs is continuing to do what no one else can do. With our exclusive partnership with Marvel, we are excited to bring some of the greatest characters ever drawn to life in incredible detail through our DyeMax process.

With new designs/characters being added all the time, be sure to check back often to make sure you don't miss out on the newest Marvel DyeMax disc.


We have numerous stock DyeMax designs in our online store and we're sure you can find one to your liking.

We have DyeMax designs to match our Ranger bags, DyeMax designs to hypnotize your opponent on the course, and even a DyeMax design with a cat flying through space.

Take a look today and see what you can find!


With our Custom DyeMax process, there are endless possibilities.

We can do anything from a favorite pet to an engagement disc to a personal disc with your Name and PDGA number on it to a disc with your face on it.

Along with full size discs, we can also do custom mini markers. We make it very easy to fill your bag with personalized discs.


Every sports fan has a favorite team. Why not have a disc showing your support for your favorite team on the course?

We currently offer Emporia State University, Kansas University, and Kansas State University with more teams coming soon!

If you have any further questions or requests, please email dyemax@dynamicdiscs.com or call 620-208-DISC (3472).