Dynamic Discs Winter Marksman League

Wintertime spells the end of disc golf for most of us. Cold. Dark. Bad weather. For a great majority, this means a drop off in practice and, therefore, skill. Don't give up what you love for several months each year.

The Winter Marksman League is here to help. This league can be set up anywhere in the world and will use a universal set of rules so that you can see how you stack up against competitors worldwide. If you win your league, you win a Marksman basket.

Practice. Competition. Incentive. Do you want to get better while most other golfers are sitting? The choice is yours.

The cost is $150 with free shipping to the continental United States. That comes with a Dynamic Discs Marksman Basket, 6 Winter Marksman League stamped putters for weekly winners, and bag tags for the entire league.

Leagues MUST be registered by Wednesday, January 11th and completed by Wednesday, February 22nd.

If you prefer to keep score on a piece of paper or don't want to be distracted by a laptop at your putting league, click the scorecard below to download the Winter Marksman League scorecard and print them out for your league today!


Visit and join the Winter Marksman League Facebook Group

PRINTABLE Layout & Rules Sheet - Download PDF File