Dynamic Discs Tournament Sponsorship Program

We at Dynamic Discs understand that hosting and running an event can be very rewarding, yet challenging at times. From organizing event specifics to providing players the best experience possible, Dynamic Discs is positioned to be one of your biggest assets.

This year, we are providing discs at our best wholesale pricing (Tier 3) and including additional sponsorship items based on the package level that you reach. We offer market leading custom solutions that are sure to be a hit with your players. From custom hot stamping, an in-house graphic design team, to our industry leading full color DyeMax process, we are uniquely positioned to serve any facet of your event's needs. Thanks to a devoted and experienced staff, Dynamic Discs is committed to turning your project lead times into days, rather than weeks.

Dynamic Discs has supported and sponsored hundreds of disc golf events across the world. We are looking forward to a new opportunity in 2017 to get involved with your tournament or fundraising event.

Requests must be submitted at least 2 weeks before event.

You must meet the minimum sponsorship requirement ($400 in discs) to receive Tier 3 pricing on your order.

*PLEASE NOTE: This offer excludes misprint discs.

A Dynamic Discs logo MUST be included on your event flyer to receive a tournament sponsorship package.

A Dynamic Discs Banner can be included upon request in a Lucid Tournament Sponsorship Package or higher.

If you are placing a stock order for a tournament or event that you are running, please be sure to mention this on your order form so we can include sponsorship items with your order. You will need to include your event flyer or link to your registration page.