Dynamic Discs Two Disc Challenge

The Dynamic Discs Two Disc Challenge is becoming a very popular event! We have held Two Disc Challenge events in markets of all sizes, from 100+ member clubs to small market towns of 6,000 people. For only $20, players receive a putter and their choice of another disc from the Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, or Westside Discs disc line. Players can even choose to upgrade to 3 or 4 discs for an additional fee.

It is very easy to run a Two Disc Challenge. We typically offer intermediate and advanced divisions, but occasionally more depending on participation. We typically run these events as a flex start, meaning players can start whenever it is convenient for them. Prizes are awarded to the top 3 participants in each division, with the number of divisions based on expected participation.

The Two Disc Challenge is a fun, casual experience. Bring a friend and introduce them to disc golf!

Please visit our Downloads page to download any logos you may need or a scorecard template for your event.

 Contact derek@dynamicdiscs.com if you are interested in hosting a Two Disc Challenge at your local course!

Example Two Disc Challenge Events

These events are extremely flexible, but we wanted to show you a few examples of how much they cost and how much you can potentially profit from them.

If you are expecting around 40 players, your cost would be $600. You would also receive the Lucid sponsorship package listed below at no additional cost. These items can be given away as prizes or sold to benefit the event.

Feel free to mix and match different discs to give your players a wider selection. However, if you are requiring everyone to use the same discs, we would recommend the Classic Blend Judge and the Lucid Truth or the Lucid Escape, depending on the length of your local course.

Shipping is NOT included with these prices.