Raven Klein



Home Course:

Red Oak DGC

Home Town:

Burnsville, Minnesota

Favorite Course:

Judson Mine, Buhl, Minnesota

Beginner Tip

One of the best things I did when I got started was take my discs out to a field and just practice throwing to see what the discs did with no trees in the way and I asked a lot of questions. Having people around me who were patient, familiar with the game, and better than me gave me a fun and competitive place to learn.

Most Memorable Moment

I spent a week traveling and camping for a tournament and it was wonderful to be immersed in the world of Disc Golf and meet so many kind and like minded people who all feel the same about playing and growing the sport. I knew I wanted to travel and compete at higher levels and it was that tournament and experience that showed me what I needed to work on and was a huge stepping stone.

What Separates Team Dynamic Discs?

From the moment I played my first round with a member of the Dynamic Discs team to the moment I got accepted to represent DD everyone has been extremely welcoming and people reached out and made me feel like I had been part of the team for years. I know they want to grow the game and support each other the whole way there. I can't wait to do my part in that journey.

In The Bag


Dynamic Discs Lucid Freedom

The Freedom is my go to understandable driver and gives me great distances on a hyzer flip. I’m a fan of it’s predictable fade.

Dynamic Discs Lucid Enforcer

My first grab in a headwind, I don’t have to worry about turning this disc over.

Dynamic Discs Lucid Trespass

Has been one of my new favorite drivers, consistent off the tee and I love the glide it has. Fairly neutral flight and I can trust the slight left finish.

Dynamic Discs Lucid Getaway

Whenever I want to throw my escape but need more stability. I use it in times when I am leaning toward the enforcer but at a slower speed.

Dynamic Discs Lucid Escape

This is my favorite disc in the bag. I’m obsessed with the glide and I can always trust this disc. I use it to turn over in the head wind and it flies on any line I put it on.

Latitude 64 Opto River

A quick grab when I need a slight anhyzer line and little fade.


Dynamic Discs Lucid-X Verdict

Over stable and it was added to the bag after about 2 throws. On my windy days this is a must to hit those perfect distances but wind or not it’s a great choice for any approach.

Dynamic Discs Lucid EMAC Truth

I can count on this disc when I need to hit a tight straight line and the flight doesn’t waver. It’s a great upshot driver.

Latitude 64 Opto Fuse

Love using this disc off the tee on shorter holes and holds the lines I put it on, especially anhyzer upshots with minimal fade.

Westside Discs VIP Gatekeeper

Even though it’s a slower speed I like to crank this disc sometimes for my straighter lines and let it finish with a slight fade. Often a go to for lay up shots that will avoid a major skip at the pin.


Dynamic Discs Prime Judge

I have faith in my putter and I know when I release clean, I’m hitting chains with the judge.

Latitude 64 Zero Hard Burst Pure

Great for straight drives off the tee when I’m looking for a disc to drop on the line it was thrown.